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Ouellet Canada supports its partners by offering exclusive 24/7 access to a range of management tools via a secure area of its portal at www.ouellet.com

In addition to many pages of information, the extranet provides some useful tools to help you save time and money.

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Benefits of the extranet:


Requires no special software and is therefore accessible from any device connected to the web: computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.


Makes sharing information easier and reduces the amount of mail, paper orders and phone orders while reducing the risk of input errors


Helps manage employee access to company data and improves security of information sharing

The extranet also allows you to:


Work more independently with 24-hour, self-serve access


Consult information that is updated multiple times a day


Enjoy another way to access Ouellet-specific information

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For any questions about your extranet account, please contact Customer Service